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Candle Color Meanings

A beautiful assortment of different colored candles on and around a decorative Wiccan candle holder

December 15, 2020
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Colors and candles hold so much more meaning than most people give them credit for. They can represent emotions, or be used as tools for rituals, sigils, ceremonies, meditations, and even spells. That’s why knowing candle color meanings is key, and any up-and-comer in the Wiccan community should take note.

Without dilly-dallying, let’s get into all of their meanings, and see just how much they affect your life. But first, we need to do a quick intro into the history of candle magick.

The Story of Candle Magick

An artisan making a candle

For as long as candles have been around, people have known that they can use them to connect the physical with the spiritual world. By lighting a candle, you’re essentially illuminating yourself, and imagining the spark of creation.

Both color magick and candle magick are two of the simplest, as well as the most powerful, forms of magick in witchcraft. Every color you come across will carry a specific message and energy. You’ll use them during your meditation to attract or banish certain things. How successful you are is going to depend on the candle color you’ve chosen.

Red Candles

Four red candles in front of a wooden background

The color red has deep roots in the physical world, and it symbolizes vitality, love, power, and sex. It represents temporal pleasures, as well as passion. Lighting red candles means tapping into Scorpio and Aries energy, and it’s often done in conjunction with black ones.

First, you’d light a black candle (which we’ll talk about more a bit later) to banish any sort of negative energy. Then, you’d light a red one to draw in fresh energy, and achieve dual action.

In Wiccan ceremonies you’d use red candles for fast action, and when you want to attract a certain type of quality. It can be ambition, assertiveness, competition, drive, stamina, and strength.

Another important thing to note about the color red is that it’s associated with Mars (the planet and the Roman god of war). So lighting red candles can also incite cruelty and chaos.

The best time to light red candles is on Tuesdays because Mars is strongly placed then. You can use them in conjunction with red jasper, ruby, agate, obsidian, or pyrite crystals.

Orange Candles

Orange candles and black stones on a mat

Using orange candles in spells can do wonders for both you and your career. Orange is the color that evokes creativity and ambition, as well as stimulation, joy, and success.

In Wicca, the color orange can also mean prosperity, power, ambition, success, and energy. Since it’s a combination of both red and yellow, it’ll give you the best of both worlds.

By lighting orange candles, you’ll be attracting new, powerful energy into your life. It’s the absolute best color to use when you need some inspiration, strength, or courage, especially when it comes to your work.

You can light orange candles before a big job interview, or when you’re looking to move up in your career. They can also help you with any legal matters or just achieving your goals in general.

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Yellow Candles

Vibrant yellow candle and flower petals on a wet black background with black stones

Yellow, which is another basic color, is associated with the power of mind and the elements of air. It exemplifies intellect, brainpower, and it increases focus and intuition. The spell uses for yellow are mostly for business matters, similar to orange.

You should light yellow candles when you’re in a creative rut, or looking for some guidance and wisdom. They’ll bring about inspiration and knowledge.

What’s more, the light of yellow candles will bring you closer to obtaining endurance, stability, and cheerfulness. You can also use them when you want to improve your communication in a relationship.

Essentially, yellow candles will bring you clarity in the matters of the heart and mind. You can use them together with citrine, golden tiger eye, yellow jasper, or calcite crystals.

Green Candles

Green candles and white flowers with purple spots with a wooden background

Some of the most common uses Wiccans have for the color green are abundance and success. They’re so deeply rooted in history that the associations go back centuries, when prosperity was associated with a great harvest. That’s one reason that green is closely associated with the Spring harvest holiday Beltane.

Green is also linked to financial success and money. A lot of people use it when they’re trying to attract luck, generosity, balance, healing, renewal, and even fertility. Of course, for the reason we mentioned above, green candles are also lit to encourage a bountiful harvest.

On the other hand, green can also represent the element of Earth, which is why it’s perfect for luck-drawing spells. You can also light green candles if you want to reflect on nature, healing, or personal growth.

Blue Candles

Light blue candles accompanied by smooth stones and a palm leaf with a matching light blue background

Blue is a primary spiritual color, and it represents calmness, peace, and protection. It taps into Saturn’s energy, and depending on its shade, it can inspire quite a few different things.

For example, dark blue candles have a deep connection with emotions and dreams. That’s why people who are looking for healing through sleep use them most often. The dark shade also promotes laughter and joy.

However, royal blue helps you tap into your spiritual self, and those looking for the ultimate truth should light it. It signifies fidelity and loyalty.

Then, there’s light blue, which is a uniquely spiritual color, and it taps into Aquarian energy. It’s the absolute best choice to use during inspirational meditations. It will improve your perception, creativity, and help you find guidance.

Purple Candles

Purple candle and sprigs of lavender on a wooden table top

Purple candles play a huge role in esoterism, and the students of the practice believe that they can use them to cancel out bad karma. By lighting the candles, you can reverse any negative effects. The color purple can be found prominently on ancestor altars during Samhain.

Also, purple candles are associated with the third eye, and lighting them can help open the eye. They can enhance psychic powers, and people use them to try to obtain spiritual protection.

What’s more, you can light purple candles during meditation to tap into hidden knowledge. They’re also incredible to use when you’re seeking forgiveness from someone who’s not in the physical world anymore.

Pink Candles

Pink candles and pink roses on a twig mat

Pink is, arguably, one of the happiest colors out there, which is why one of the meanings for it is love. It also represents faith, friendship, and devotion.

There’s nothing better to use than pink candles if you’re looking for love and affection. You can also light them if you’re in need of emotional healing. It doesn’t matter if it’s from a romantic partner, family member, or friend — pink works.

Since pink is the universal color of love, it represents it in its purest form. Just like the color gold and light. Often, pink candles are used to attract something positive, joyful, or someone’s attention.

Brown Candles

Brown candles with a calming background

Out of all the colors in the spectrum, brown has one of the strongest groundings. It’s the most Earthly color. Above all else, it represents balance and an unbreakable bond to the land.

Lighting brown candles can have countless different meanings, so we’re just going to give you the most common ones. For one, you could light them when you need stability, concentration, material gain, or intuition. Also, one of the uses for brown is encouraging telepathic abilities.

On the other hand, you could light brown candles when you want to send a message to the universe. They will help you say how much you respect Mother Earth and her dignity. You’ll also be acknowledging the delicate balance of all living things.

Gold Candles

Gold candles lit in the dark

The color gold emblemizes light more than any other, so as you can imagine, it carries a lot of magick. Also, because gold is the symbol of fortune, it represents success, money, and victory. That victory is usually over the troubles you’ve had. It is also one of the main colors used to celebrate Yule.

Similar to brown candles, by lighting gold ones, you’re improving your communication with the universe. In turn, you’ll receive positive cosmic influences and incredible energy.

You can use gold candles in rituals when your main desire or goal is to obtain fortune or personal power. However, deeply spiritual individuals believe that a flame from gold candles creates a passageway. That passage allows the universe to better receive your petitions and prayers.

Gray Candles

Gray candles on a wooden floor with a wooden background

Gray truly is one of the most neutral colors, and it sits smack-dab between black and white. It’s unemotional, calming, peaceful, and relaxing. That’s why it represents balance and neutrality.

You’re best off lighting gray candles when you’re trying to meditate on complex issues in your life. They can help you repel negative influences, bring balance, and encourage you to find answers.

You should use gray candles to offset negative energy, the same way you’d use charcoal to cleanse your body.

Black Candles

Black candles on an old window sill witha stick pentacle, a feather, and a book of shadows page

As you can probably imagine, black candles are serious business, and it’s not something that you should take lightly. The color itself absorbs all others, which is why the candles are used for banishing or absorbing negative energy.

You can also light black candles when you need to reverse any hexes or curses, to repel black magic, or rid yourself of bad habits. What’s more, if you’re trying to delve deeper into your unconsciousness, you should light them during meditation.

But that’s not all black candles are good for. You can light these when you’re working through any sort of grief or pain. They’ll help support you through the process, and give you the strength that you need.

White Candles

White candles on a wooden table with white and yellow flowers and salt

White is one of the most inclusive colors in the world. It contains all others. What’s incredible about white candles is that you can use them to replace almost any other color.

There are a ton of meanings behind the color white, and some of the most common ones include innocence, purity, and enlightenment. They can also represent healing, peace, clarity, cleansing, protection, and so much more.

Similar to black candles, you can light white candles if you want to heal or repel negativity. They will also provide you with guidance and protection, which is incredible.

When you burn white candles, you’re essentially invoking lunar energy. They’re beyond amazing, and you can benefit so much from having them in your home.

To Sum Up

An altra featuring white candles, purple crystals, dried flowers, and a feather

One key thing to takeaway here is that choosing the right candle color for your spells and meditations is crucial. You should never take it lightly because it can seriously affect your life, and change the outcome of matters that are important for you.

So if you’re wishing for love and affection, go for red or pink. If you’re trying to get more in tune with nature, choose light green or brown candles. Repelling negative energy is best done with the color black, while blue will help improve your sleep.

But if you’re ever confused about the meaning of candle colors, don’t get frustrated. We’ve all been there, especially when starting out. Just think about what you’re trying to achieve by lighting the candles, and the rest will sort itself out.

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