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Our Degrees

Here at Wicca Academy, we can take you from knowing absolutely nothing about Wicca to being a fully realized witch! Like many other Wiccan traditions, we divide our students into three ranks. Upon finishing the course requirements for each degree, our students receive the official stamp of approval — a digital certificate with their name on it!  So join us in uncovering the mysteries of Wicca and embark on a journey of spiritual awakening today!

What Are Degrees in Wicca?

In the past century, as the practice of modern Wicca began to take shape, many different schools of thought emerged. Several Wiccan traditions practice according to the belief that only higher-ranking witches can take on initiates. Novice witches hold a First Degree status, while more experienced Wiccans are either Second or Third Degree practitioners.

Of course, different Wiccan traditions have different names for coven members. For example, some have two positions before the First Degree status. Others prefer to sort themselves into the First, Second, and Third Circles.

What Does One Learn from the Degrees of Wicca?

Knowing the background of different degrees in Wicca doesn’t get you any closer to discovering what makes a First, Second, and Third Degree Wiccan in our Academy. So without further ado, let’s talk about the milestones that will get you closer to becoming a fully-fledged witch.

1st Degree Wiccan

Wicca Academy First Degree Diploma

The first three courses in the Wicca Academy syllabus are a mixture of everything you need to know to start practicing Wicca. First, you’ll learn about the basic symbolism of different magickal signs like the Pentagram, the Triple Moon, and many others. On top of that, you’ll start learning the magickal properties of different herbs and crystals. Before the first course is over, you’ll be able to set up an altar and work with different chakras and elements, which will provide a solid foundation for future spellwork.

Next, you’ll transition to the second course that’s all about the Wiccan holidays! There, we’ll provide a deeper overview of each festival on the Wheel of the Year, teaching you the best times to perform certain types of spells. Lastly, before you become a First Degree Wiccan, you’ll work on opening your mind to psychic visions through dream interpretation.

In addition to learning about dream theory and symbolism, students will also pick up the basics of lucid dreaming. That should enable them to incubate dreams and even receive psychic visions.

Wicca Academy First Degree Diploma
Wicca Academy Second Degree Diploma

2nd Degree Wiccan

Wicca Academy Second Degree Diploma

Once you have a solid understanding of Wicca, you’ll be ready to move on to more complex practices. Namely, you’ll finally be ready to cast some spells!

The first milestone on your way to the coveted Second Degree will familiarize you with basic and advanced spellwork. You’ll learn about crafting your own rituals with the help of color symbolism, among other things. You’ll also learn how to cast a protection circle and cleanse your tools before practicing magick.

On top of that, this course will get you started learning divination through crystal ball gazing and tarot card reading. After all, we have prepared a comprehensive course on tarot cards that will allow you to become a Second Degree Wiccan. In it, you’ll learn the history of tarot as well as the most commonly used decks and their meanings.

Of course, before you complete the tarot card course, you’ll have to pass our meditation course! Through that coursework, you’ll find new ways to use the four natural elements to ground your mind and body. Those practices will help you prepare for any ritual you choose to perform.

3rd Degree Wiccan

Wicca Academy Third Degree Diploma

At last, you have arrived at the final stop on your way to becoming a Third Degree Wiccan. The requisite coursework you need to complete in order to get that third degree certificate is about Zodiac signs and animal familiars.

The first will allow you to understand the impact planetary movements have on you and the people around you. In addition to explaining the meanings behind different Zodiac chart placements, we will also teach you the main characteristics and motivations of the signs.

Meanwhile, the final course will broaden your understanding of Wicca through animism, animal archetypes, and even non-corporeal spirit guides. After all, through honoring animals, we hope to gain their protection. But how do you find your animal familiar? We guess you’ll have to get the Third Degree to find out!

Are you ready to step into the unknown and become the witch you know you can be? If so, check out the Wicca Academy courses today!

Wicca Academy Third Degree Diploma
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