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Celebrating Pagan Artistry: Poem by Laura Plummer Garners Accolades

Laura Plummer Author

September 21, 2023
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In a resounding triumph for both poetry and paganism, Laura Plummer’s exquisite composition “How to Love the Moon” has captured not one, but two prestigious awards in 2023. The grand recognition of this sonnet in the Dancing Poetry’s Richard Angilly Memorial Contest and its Laureates’ Choice selection in the Maria W. Faust Sonnet Contest speak volumes about the growing recognition of pagan themes within artistic circles. As part of the prize for the Richard Angilly contest, Laura’s sonnet will be transformed into a costumed dance performance. As paganism graces the limelight through her poem’s triumphs, it’s a testament to the widening acceptance of pagan beliefs in mainstream appreciation.

Laura is an eclectic pagan based in Gloucester, Massachusetts. Her journey from Boston to Gloucester in 2014 might seem like a coincidence, but it’s imbued with a sense of destiny. In 2023, after winning her awards, she discovered an astonishing connection that tied her to the history of Gloucester. Laura is the 9th great-grandniece of Esther Elwell, one of the nine women from Gloucester accused during the Salem Witch Trials. Gloucester had the highest number of accused witches outside of Salem. It’s as if the threads of fate were drawing her to this place, reuniting her with her ancestral roots.

What makes Laura’s story even more powerful is that, unbeknownst to her, she was carrying on the legacy of her ancestor Esther. Through her award-winning poem, she is pushing the boundaries of mainstream acceptance of paganism. It’s a poignant reminder that sometimes, the most profound connections are discovered when we follow our hearts, and our ancestors’ spirits guide us towards our purpose. Laura’s journey and her poetry serve as a testament to the enduring strength of the human spirit and the revival of ancient wisdom in the modern world. Without further ado, here is Laura’s poem:

How to Love the Moon (a Sonnet)
By Laura Plummer

They never taught us how to love the moon;
We rarely gaze above to find her face.
She hovers like a child's lost balloon,
Forever waxing, waning, full of grace.
She's just another country to be named,
A place to plant our flag and claim our prize,
A wild woman needing to be tamed,
Another foreign land to colonize.
So boil some herbs and sip a witchy brew,
And cleanse yourself in her magnetic pull.
Let's manifest our dreams when she is new,
And offer up our thanks when she is full.
When balance is restored, I reckon soon,
We'll teach our children how to love the moon.

Embracing Paganism Through Poetry

Book with moon phases

Laura’s sonnet, a symphony of words that dance between the lines, delicately weaves pagan undertones with moonlit imagery. As the text of “How to Love the Moon” illuminates, our inborn love for the moon – a symbol of the Divine Feminine, is often underappreciated. As a society we have disconnected from and exploited the Divine Feminine. We, as pagans, can shift the tides of power back and reform that connection. We should pass on to future generations the respect and admiration for our lunar Goddess that we’ve all grown to realize. Her poem showcases a deep reverence for the natural world. The awards it has garnered represent not only her excellence of artistic craft, but also a milestone in bridging the gap between pagan wisdom and mainstream recognition.

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A Shift Toward Acceptance and Understanding

Crystals, candles and triple moon symbol together

The accolades awarded to Laura for “How to Love the Moon” signal a significant stride towards the normalization of pagan themes in artistic expression. The poem’s journey from pen and paper to a costumed dance performance, as part of its grand prize, serves as a compelling narrative of inclusivity and acceptance. In embracing pagan-inspired artistry, these awards underscore the widening perspective that recognizes and appreciates the diverse spiritual paths that enrich our human experience.

Uniting Art and Spirituality

Moon Phases

Paganism, often misunderstood and shrouded in mystery, finds its voice in Plummer’s words. The soul-stirring verses of “How to Love the Moon” resonate with the enchantment and interconnectedness that paganism embodies. As Laura’s eloquent words encourage us to embrace the moon’s radiance, we’re invited to embrace the intricate tapestry of our world. This poetic journey goes beyond the individual to spark a collective connection with nature and spirituality.

“How to Love the Moon” shines as a beacon of paganism’s flourishing representation in art and literature. As the poem’s lines echo in our hearts and minds, let us continue to embrace the beauty of all spiritual perspectives and relish the moon’s eternal dance as a shared symbol of our interconnected existence.

Check out more of Laura’s work, plus links to her social media on her website here: https://lauraplummer.me/

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