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A Beginner’s Guide to Crystal Cleansing

Crystal Stones on a Person's Hand

August 16, 2023
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In Wiccan practice, we use crystals to assist us in various aspects of meditation, spellwork, rituals, healing, and spiritual growth. The specific energy they produce depends on the type of crystal we use as well as our intention.

While these stones have exceptional value when it comes to their energetic properties, it’s essential that we cleanse them in order to keep them healthy. 

If you’re new to crystals, this beginner’s guide to crystal cleansing will help you learn how to preserve these sacred magickal tools in order to harvest the full strength of their powers.

What Are Crystals?

Different Crystals on Plate

Crystals have been used and appreciated for their beauty, spiritual significance, and various practical applications for thousands of years. They are believed to possess unique healing properties and energies as well as the power to form direct supernatural, physical, and spiritual changes in both people and their surroundings.

Based on their structure and composition, crystals can fall into different categories. Depending on one’s spiritual beliefs, each individual crystal possesses its own distinct energetic properties and associations.

Crystals in Wiccan Practice

Crystals with Lighted Candles on the Metal Tray

During our magickal practices, we will turn to crystals in order to enhance our connection with nature, focus our intentions on a specific outcome, or harness certain energies. It is also worth noting that there are several ways to use crystals.

For example, some will place them on an altar and use them as tools for directing energy. Others will wear crystals as jewelry or incorporate them into their meditation practices.

Most importantly, the desired outcome will depend on the type of crystal we choose.

Common Crystals in Wicca and Their Properties

Considering the fact that there is such a wide array of crystals in Wiccan practice, it is impossible for us to provide a list of them all. However, we can mention some of the most commonly used ones, as well as their magickal properties.


A Person Holding Amethyst Crystals

Amethyst is a crystal associated with protection, spirituality, intuition, spiritual growth, and psychic abilities. Wiccans use it as a means of deepening meditation and enhancing spiritual experiences. Furthermore, it can help promote emotional balance and aid in divination practices.

Quartz, Clear Quartz, and Rose Quartz

Quartz Crystals on Green Grass

Quartz and clear quartz are versatile crystals. They are mostly associated with protection, clarity, amplification of energy, and healing.

However, it’s worth saying that these highly-valued crystals are also used as all-purpose stones in Wiccan practice. This means they are versatile and possess the ability to support a variety of different aspects of magickal and spiritual work. Moreover, they hold general energetic properties that can be used in a wide range of rituals.

As for rose quartz, it is linked to matters of the heart, such as compassion, emotional healing, self-care, and unconditional love.


A Person Holding Citrine Crystal

Wiccans commonly use citrine to attract positive energies, boost confidence, enhance creativity, and stimulate the solar plexus chakra. This crystal is thought to evoke positivity, joy, and good fortune and is connected with prosperity, success, and manifestation.


Set of Shiny Tourmalines Together

Tourmaline is a crystal with many protective properties. Most commonly, it is used to ward off negative energies, and it is associated with purification and energy balancing.


Selenite Crystals on Table

Selenite is common in purification and cleansing rituals. Its main purpose is to dissipate negative energy and promote peace and harmony. Some also use this crystal to enhance their spiritual connection and intuition.

Interestingly, selenite can also be used as a means of cleansing other crystals, which we will explain in the next section.

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How to Perform a Crystal Cleanse

There are several ways to perform a crystal cleanse and restore your stone’s natural vibrancy. Which method you choose is entirely up to you.

Sunlight/Moonlight Crystal Cleansing

A Person Holding Crystal with a Sunshine Background

In order to perform a sunlight cleanse, you need to find a place with some direct sunlight. Place your crystal in that spot and leave it there for at least a couple of hours.

A moonlight cleanse works in the same way, except that it is performed at night in the direct moonlight. Namely, the longer you leave it to cleanse, the better. However, be wary of the fact that the color of your crystal may fade in direct sunlight.

For a sunlight cleanse, you can use the following incantation:

“Sun’s golden rays, so strong and bright,

Purify this crystal, fill it with your light.

Banish all shadows, let negativity dissolve,

Empowered and rejuvenated, its energy evolves.”

For a moonlight cleanse, use this one:

“Under the Moon’s enchanting grace,

I cleanse this crystal’s energetic space.

Moonlight’s touch, so pure and serene,

Revive its spirit, clear and pristine.”

Water Crystal Cleansing

A Person Holding Crystals Before Clean it in the Water

For this type of cleanse, you will need to do some research to see if your specific type of crystal is suitable to be placed in water. If it is, simply place it under a gentle stream of water and visualize all the negative energy being washed away.

Typically, this should take a couple of minutes, but only remove the crystal when you feel that it has been fully cleansed.

You can also recite this incantation to make the cleanse more effective:

“Flowing water, cleansing and pure,

Wash away negativity, let it no longer endure.

By the power of Water, I cleanse this crystal’s core,

With love and light, its energy restore.”

Smudge Crystal Cleansing

Burning Incense for Cleansing Crystal

Smudging is a traditional Wiccan practice that we use in order to clear negative energy. For crystal cleansing, you will need to light a sage, Palo Santo, or other type of smudge stick and move the crystal through the smoke. Meanwhile, focus on the intention of purifying the stone as the smoke envelops it and recite the following:

“Sacred flame, burn so bright,

Cleanse this crystal, restore its light.

By the power of Fire, I banish all that’s old,

Infuse it with positivity, pure as gold.”

Saltwater Crystal Cleansing

A Person Holding Crystal with a Water Background

Fill a bowl with water and mix in some sea salt. Place your crystal in the water and recite the following:

“By the sea’s mighty and cleansing flow,

I cleanse this crystal, that it may glow.

Saltwater’s power, pure and deep,

Clear away negativity, let it take its leap.”

Leave the crystal in the salt water for a couple of hours, or, ideally, overnight. Afterward, make sure to rinse it with clean water.

Again, before attempting this cleansing method, make sure your crystal is not water-soluble or porous so as not to damage it.

Earth Crystal Cleansing

Crystal on Earth

In order to perform this cleanse, you will need to bury your crystal in the earth. Find a suitable location and leave it underground for at least a day. This will allow the energy from the earth to naturally cleanse your crystal.

While you’re burying your crystal, repeat the following words:

“By the power of Earth, I cleanse and purify,

With love and light, negativity I nullify.

In the name of the Goddess so divine,

May this crystal’s energy be cleansed and shine.”

Selenite Crystal Cleanse

Crystals Charging on a Selenite Wand

Finally, you can use selenite to cleanse your other crystals. First, you will need to set your intention by focusing on the desired outcome. Next, find a flat service and place the crystal you want to cleanse on top of the selenite for several hours or overnight.

Visualize a bright white light around your crystal and picture it dissolving any negative energy. Recite the incantation:

“Selenite’s glow, pure and bright,

Cleanse this crystal, restore its might.

With your energy so divine and strong,

Release all negativity, let it be gone.”

Afterward, express your gratitude to the selenite and the cleansed crystal.

Why Crystal Cleansing Is Essential

A Person Burning Incense for Cleansing Crystal

Ultimately, crystals possess the ability to absorb, transmit, and store both positive and (unfortunately) negative energy. These magickal stones retain the energetic imprints of their interactions with individuals as well as from their surroundings.

For example, when loving intentions and uplifting experiences are absorbed and stored within a crystal, the stone can be used for manifesting a desired outcome, enhancing positive energies, and promoting healing.

In the same way, stress, emotional turmoil, general disharmony, and other negative energy can also be absorbed by crystals.

Since crystals accumulate this energetic residue, this impacts their effectiveness as well as the quality of the energy they emit. Cleansing not only removes these energies but also restores the crystal’s natural properties. After giving your magickal stones a cleanse, it’s a good idea to recharge them as well.

How to Recharge Your Crystals

A Person Holding Crystals with a Sunset Background

The process of recharging your crystals is similar to cleansing them, and there are a few ways to do this.

Full Moon Recharge

In Wiccan rituals, the full moon is a powerful point in the lunar cycle that can help you recharge your crystal.

On the night of the full moon, place your crystal outside or on a windowsill. Leave it for a few hours or overnight and allow it to bathe in the moonlight.

Underground Recharge

In order to perform an underground recharge, you will need to find an adequate place to bury your crystal. Ideally, choose a secluded area where no one but you will be able to find your stone.

Dig a hole, and place the dirt in a jar. Place the crystal in the dirt-filled jar, and bury it. You will need to allow it to recharge for at least one week.

Herb and Incense Recharge

One of the simplest ways to recharge your crystals is with herbs and incense. You can burn sage, sweetgrass, Palo Santo, or cedar, as well as lavender, jasmine, or sandalwood, and run your crystals through the smoke for a few minutes. Visualize the negativity rising from your crystals and disappearing with the smoke.

Trust the Power of the Crystal Cleanse

A Person Holding Big Crystals

In the end, regardless of which method of cleansing and recharging you use, remember that it’s primarily your energy that needs to be positive and your intentions that need to be pure. That’s why we consider crystal cleansing an intuitive and deeply personal practice. Furthermore, you’ll find that working with these magickal stones is a continuous journey of discovery. As you form a deeper relationship with them, you’ll learn more about their amazing properties. In time, you’ll also be able to maintain a harmonious energetic connection with each crystal, thus enhancing their magickal abilities, and, in turn, improving your own.

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