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Top 10 Backgrounds of 2023

Looking back at 2023, it’s clear we all had our favorites when it came to sprucing up our screens. From the many backgrounds we offered for devices and social media, certain ones stood out and found their way into your daily digital landscapes more than others.

We’ve crunched the numbers and are excited to share the top 10 backgrounds that you, our community, loved and downloaded the most. Whether it sparked joy, inspired calm, or simply matched your aesthetic perfectly, each background tells a story.

Let’s explore the favorites that brightened up our screens and lives in 2023.

1. Crystals Background

2. Pentacle Background

3. Full Moon Background

4. Watercolor Background

5. Magick Crystals Background

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6. Seven Chakras Crystals Background

7. Forest Background

8. Cat Background

9. Night Sky Background

10. Shoreline Background

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