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Monthly Horoscopes – Cancer

Cancer Zodiac Sign Constellation

As a water sign, Cancer is guided by emotions and heart, showing loyalty, kindness, and affection to those they love. Since they are highly intuitive and sensitive, they can be difficult to get to know at first. But as you slowly earn their trust, they will show you their rich inner world full of empathy, care, and understanding.

However, Cancer’s sensitivity can manifest as insecurity, pessimism, and moodiness. They can be highly secretive — so much so that you might not truly understand them even after years of knowing them. On top of that, their defense mechanisms can make them suspicious and, at times, manipulative. Despite these flaws, Cancer is generally one of the most emotionally intelligent and supportive signs.

April 2024
April is your month to shine as a New Moon Solar Eclipse on the 8th lights up your career path. This potent event paves the way for success, so get ready for a strong push to bring professional visions to fruition. On the 20th, Jupiter and Uranus expand your social circle, bringing new connections and opportunities. Finally, on the 23rd, the Full Moon invites you to indulge in life's pleasures. Prepare to embrace the joy and abundance you're owed!

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March 2024
'Toe the line.' 'Stick to the rules.' People who do as they're told tend to have easier lives than those who choose more 'spontaneous' paths. But life tends to reward anyone who takes calculated risks, pushes boundaries or strays from beaten paths more than those who 'play it safe.' This month, aspects of your personality you usually conceal want to emerge from your shell. You'll enjoy being less beholden to rules – and others will enjoy seeing this side of you!

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