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Monthly Horoscopes – Cancer

Cancer Zodiac Sign Constellation

August 2022
This month is brought to you by the words 'self-care.' You're encouraged to focus on your needs for a change and might find one or two people have grown too used to your support. It's time for an unbalanced effort made toward friends or family to be harnessed in your direction. The coming weeks allow you to return your focus to needs that may have fallen by the wayside. If you feel any urge to distance yourself occasionally to feel rejuvenated, that's cosmically sanctioned, too!

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July 2022
Determined energy receives new focus and impetus this month. Mighty Mars encourages you to be more sociable than you may have been recently. But until August 20, Mars also pushes you to harness its unique brand of make-things-happen energy to pursue important goals - or one in particular. Action finally replaces thinking, and once you get the bit between your teeth, you could run like Forrest Gump.

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