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Monthly Horoscopes – Cancer

Cancer Zodiac Sign Constellation

As a water sign, Cancer is guided by emotions and heart, showing loyalty, kindness, and affection to those they love. Since they are highly intuitive and sensitive, they can be difficult to get to know at first. But as you slowly earn their trust, they will show you their rich inner world full of empathy, care, and understanding.

However, Cancer’s sensitivity can manifest as insecurity, pessimism, and moodiness. They can be highly secretive — so much so that you might not truly understand them even after years of knowing them. On top of that, their defense mechanisms can make them suspicious and, at times, manipulative. Despite these flaws, Cancer is generally one of the most emotionally intelligent and supportive signs.

April 2023
A domestic development, whether directly affecting you or somebody close, could coincide with the Full Moon on the 6th. A matter related to your or someone's security could demand much thinking time or effort. But this month also offers an exceptionally strong focus on career matters. A development on or around the 11th could see you shining deservedly. A Solar Eclipse on the 20th could also bring a professional turning point you've been waiting for!

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March 2023
Events during March could reassure you that recent pondering and assessing involved with your career haven't been a waste of time. The New Moon on the 21st marks a fresh start or new beginning with a professional project, plan or pursuit. But as mighty Mars enters your sign on the 25th until May, you become a real force to be reckoned with. You'll have impressive energy to focus on scaling a career ladder. Anything in the way of you and your goals won't stand a chance!

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