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Monthly Horoscopes – Cancer

Cancer Zodiac Sign Constellation

As a water sign, Cancer is guided by emotions and heart, showing loyalty, kindness, and affection to those they love. Since they are highly intuitive and sensitive, they can be difficult to get to know at first. But as you slowly earn their trust, they will show you their rich inner world full of empathy, care, and understanding.

However, Cancer’s sensitivity can manifest as insecurity, pessimism, and moodiness. They can be highly secretive — so much so that you might not truly understand them even after years of knowing them. On top of that, their defense mechanisms can make them suspicious and, at times, manipulative. Despite these flaws, Cancer is generally one of the most emotionally intelligent and supportive signs.

December 2022
This month, you'll likely be more aware of all that goes on behind your eyes than anyone else. Your mind has plenty to process, and you might question how much should be released or revealed. You'll know it's a case of 'better out than in.' But you're also right to believe that speaking your mind or conveying what you suppress will have consequences you prefer to avoid. However, if you choose to 'say your piece,' do so before Mercury goes retrograde on the 29th.

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November 2022
There could be much happening on the work front to offer distractions from possible chaos in your personal world. Alluring Venus influences work and routines until December 9, helping you shine professionally. The New Moon on the 23rd also helps you feel more noticed and appreciated workwise. But don't underestimate the results that await with a new diet or health regime, too. With sexy Venus's help, you'll glow on the inside and outside!

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