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Monthly Horoscopes – Cancer

Cancer Zodiac Sign Constellation

October 2022
October has a strong career focus. The Full Moon on the 9th calls 'time out' for you to take stock of what your efforts bring you. If you've gone over the top and live to work rather than work to live, the Full Moon could clarify this. It may not be until you stop to assess your professional trajectory that you discover it needs adjusting. Mars influencing your career and status moves backward from the 30th until January. Expect to do more professional pondering during that period, too.

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September 2022
This month, your emotional foundations are shaken. So, your sense of security, stability and what or who contributes to both receive much thought and focus. Confusion may reign supreme, whether this relates to a domestic plan, project or miscommunication with a family member. But by the New Moon on the 25th, you and the universe want to see progress made! It may feel like developments during most of the month have led to this point of closure or resolution.

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