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Monthly Horoscopes – Virgo

Virgo Zodiac Sign Constellation

Just like other earth signs, Virgo is focused on practicality, materialism, and stability. This sign thrives in tasks that require organization, gladly taking responsibility whenever possible and resolving problems with precision and careful analysis. That doesn’t make them cold and robotic, though — Virgo is rather kind and loyal, especially to those who earn their trust.

Still, it’s easy for Virgos to get overwhelmed by work to such an extent that they forget to simply relax and have fun. They are extreme perfectionists, worrying about every single detail and harshly criticizing everyone who can’t meet their standards, including themselves. That, coupled with their general shyness and difficulties expressing emotions, can lead to tension with other signs.

December 2023
Your Virgoan eye for detail is is impressive, even legendary. Did you spot the error in that sentence? I didn't put it there to catch you out but to show that no matter how determined you are to spot imperfections, some will slip through the net. That's the message from the universe to you this month. Perfection is an illusion. So, you needn't invest time and effort trying to create it within something that will benefit much more from being left alone - or seen as perfect as it is!

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November 2023
The words “seed of an idea” are pictorial. A New Moon influences how you process information and communicate or convey your mind's creations. During November, you could have an influx of ideas and must separate those that genuinely deserve attention. But the “seed” of one idea could get planted and will likely come to fruition in April. That doesn't mean you won't have plenty to do to keep it nurtured until then. But the crucial “germination” process commences this month!

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