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Monthly Horoscopes – Virgo

Virgo Zodiac Sign Constellation

October 2022
Giving attention to love or relationship matters and professional progress could feel like a tug of war at times. Energetic Mars affecting your career takes a break from the 30th, but you'll likely sense momentum slowing before then. As Mars slumbers until January, you'll be aware that more effort is needed to make progress. But you also have a chance to decide if your efforts reflect your achievements and vice versa. A new career trajectory may loom on the horizon.

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September 2022
It might feel like September is all about money matters. but it will be clear some financial issues need your brand of attention. Mercury turns backward on the 9th affecting earned income and your attitude toward making and saving cash. Are you paid what you're worth? Do your earnings reflect your efforts or contribution? Those could be two of several questions you address this month. By the time of the New Moon on the 25th, clarity replaces confusion on financial fronts. A money-oriented month indeed awaits but you'll be glad to make the progress on offer to you.

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