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Monthly Horoscopes – Virgo

Virgo Zodiac Sign Constellation

Just like other earth signs, Virgo is focused on practicality, materialism, and stability. This sign thrives in tasks that require organization, gladly taking responsibility whenever possible and resolving problems with precision and careful analysis. That doesn’t make them cold and robotic, though — Virgo is rather kind and loyal, especially to those who earn their trust.

Still, it’s easy for Virgos to get overwhelmed by work to such an extent that they forget to simply relax and have fun. They are extreme perfectionists, worrying about every single detail and harshly criticizing everyone who can’t meet their standards, including themselves. That, coupled with their general shyness and difficulties expressing emotions, can lead to tension with other signs.

February 2023
And…relax! A Full Moon on the 5th illuminates what goes on in the background of your world. So, seize a chance to indulge in self-care for a change, even if it means distancing yourself from others. Private pondering could also help you focus on and resolve outdated, heavy emotional baggage that needs releasing. From the 20th until mid-March, Venus influences what you owe, own and share. So, money not connected to your earnings is a real possibility.

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January 2023
You are sensitive and supportive but have limits, especially where a friend is concerned. You may have been sympathetic and understanding recently. However, coming events could push you to encourage someone to stand on their own two feet. But if they push you too hard, you might sever the connection completely. On a happier note, a New Moon illuminates your work on the 21st. Any effort to bring a change or an improvement at this time could pay off – literally!

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