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Monthly Horoscopes – Taurus

Taurus Zodiac Sign Constellation

There is hardly a zodiac sign more stable and reliable than Taurus. Thanks to its element, earth, Taurus stays well-grounded and practical no matter the circumstances, willing to endure whatever it takes until they see the fruits of their labor. People born under this sign also enjoy physical pleasures and turn to the material world when seeking satisfaction.

Taurus’s stability can, however, turn into stubbornness and unwillingness to change. They are undoubtedly dependable and committed, but they must also learn to compromise and show flexibility. Otherwise, they’re likely to run into problems in their personal and professional relationships, as well as hinder their own growth.

February 2023
This month, it's unlikely to be all quiet on the domestic front. A Full Moon on the 5th marks a new chapter relating to your home and family. But the Moon also connects with the planet of surprises, Uranus, in your sign. So, a significant change is on the cards with whatever or whoever has felt restrictive. Around mid-month, the Sun and Saturn decide if you've earned a career reward of some kind. A pleasing development awaits if you've invested faith, effort, and patience recently.

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January 2023
If career-related progress is on your list, the universe is on your side! Venus helps you shine professionally. A New Moon offers a fresh start or clean slate with career pursuits on the 21st, too. So, you, your talents and the contribution you can make are highlighted in the eyes of those who matter. In addition to any good news you share on the career front, the Full Moon on the 6th could bring a family-related development that makes you smile - or even punch the air with joy!

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