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Monthly Horoscopes – Taurus

Taurus Zodiac Sign Constellation

There is hardly a zodiac sign more stable and reliable than Taurus. Thanks to its element, earth, Taurus stays well-grounded and practical no matter the circumstances, willing to endure whatever it takes until they see the fruits of their labor. People born under this sign also enjoy physical pleasures and turn to the material world when seeking satisfaction.

Taurus’s stability can, however, turn into stubbornness and unwillingness to change. They are undoubtedly dependable and committed, but they must also learn to compromise and show flexibility. Otherwise, they’re likely to run into problems in their personal and professional relationships, as well as hinder their own growth.

May 2023
What would help you feel less confused or more inspired? A surge of optimism! Being in the right place at the right time to make the right contacts could lift your spirits, too. As generous Jupiter enters your sign, expect to experience all of the above during May and the coming year. A plan finally comes to fruition, and optimism replaces pessimism. But once you get a taste for success, don't stop there. Keep going. You couldn't want better support to turn steps into strides.

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April 2023
You'll likely be aware of a strong work, routines and health focus. A Full Moon on the 6th marks the start of a new chapter with something workwise or self-improvement-related. Where a work-based change or getting fitter are concerned, Venus works magic with your income and confidence! But taking better care of yourself is what the Solar Eclipse on the 20th urges you to do, too. You may not know how heavy some emotional baggage has become until you release it.

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