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Monthly Horoscopes – Taurus

Taurus Zodiac Sign Constellation

October 2022
Jupiter takes a keen interest in your most cherished hopes, wishes and dreams from the 28th until December 20. To have the planet of luck, generosity and gift-giving assisting you is like having a personal genie in a lantern. So, be careful what you wish for! As energy-planet Mars moves backward from the 30th to January 12, something connected to your earnings could slow down. Effort made to explore a side hustle or an additional income source could be time well spent.

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September 2022
September is brought to you by the word 'improvement' or, more likely, 'improvements.' But it's self-improvement that could be a priority. If getting fitter and looking better naked becomes more appealing to you, then you have superb cosmic support to do both. But if you have recently felt rudderless or directionless work-wise, the New Moon on the 25th could open the door to possibilities - and one might be ideal!

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