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Monthly Horoscopes – Scorpio

Scorpio Zodiac Sign Constellation

Despite their bad reputation, Scorpios are some of the firmest, closest friends you can find. As a water sign, they are led by intuition and emotion, possessing an innate ability to grasp the very core of things and discover the truth faster than other zodiac signs. They are passionate, assertive, and resourceful, with a great disdain for dishonesty and betrayal.

Scorpios are generally known as manipulative, jealous, and distrusting, and there is a grain of truth in all these accusations. However, when they learn how to face and process their emotions properly, Scorpios can prove to be rather mature and rational.

September 2023
Anyone who has tried to shoot a moving target knows how frustrating and futile it can be to try and hit it squarely. You need to be cleverer than that and aim slightly before the target. Something you're keen to achieve needs you to be one step ahead of it. This will mean blending intuition with logic to ensure a goal or vision doesn't get sidetracked or head off on a different trajectory. But feeling in control means you're superbly placed to make something impressive happen.

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August 2023
The path from A to B with an important goal probably couldn't appear more straightforward. That's also how journeys appear on a map. But it's not until we embark upon them that we often discover the obstacles, hurdles and delays that the most reliable satnav can't always predict. Yet, rarely do we give up on our journey. Instead, we accept why patience and persistence are needed. I'd say that sums up your situation and what's required of you this month!

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