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Monthly Horoscopes – Scorpio

Scorpio Zodiac Sign Constellation

January 2021
While what was in play during 2020 will continue to play out in 2021 this is a very different year and that will be evident from the get go. The year is likely to get off to a busy start and you might find that you didn't complete everything last year, either at work or with anything that keeps you busy. However, it was less that you ran out of time and more that until Mars leaves your busy work sector on 7th January, he was always going to find something to keep you busy. Held back by a retrograde phase, Mars' longest visit in 32 years is coming to a close but fortunately, so too is Venus' belated visit to your income sector. Venus and Mars are the cosmic lovers and while they get the month off to a good start on the income and job fronts, they will follow each other into different but equally complementary areas of your chart. Mars will return to your relationship sector on 7th January where he will remain until March while Venus will return to your communication sector two days later on 9th January. It is here that they will form a friendly aspect, channelling the same enthusiasm they begin the year putting into income and job matters into getting the communication lines open on the relationship front. Meanwhile, the fundamental difference between 2020 and 2021 is the focus on home, family and/or property matters. This is Saturn and Jupiter's first full month in your home and family sector but just the start of a major new focus. Saturn is here until 2023 and Jupiter will spend the first and the last five months of 2021 here. This not only puts a lot more importance on home, family and/or property matters but the potential for growth, opportunities and expansion. Mercury will return on 9th January and the Sun on 20th January, adding more support but in the more mundane way that they do at this time every year.

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December 2020
There are both major changes and the more mundane and expected changes that we see in any month, making December the month that has a foot in two years. This is a month when the major themes of 2020 are slipping away and the major themes that will dominate 2021 are already starting to emerge. There is no doubt that 2021 will be a very different year to 2020 but there won't be a harsh line in the sand on New Year's Day and more an overlapping of the two and it begins over a three day period, from 17th December to 20th December. It begins with Saturn's departure from your communication sector and Jupiter's just three days later. Both will return to your home and family sector, where together they will put a major focus on home, family and/or property matters in 2021 and Saturn's case, through to 2023. On the more mundane level, the pace is starting to pick up and after months of having the majority of the planets in the solar system in direct motion, they are moving forward. The last planet to turn direct was Mars, whose direct turn in your work sector last month is likely to make December a busy month, whether at work or with the things that keep you busy. Fortunately, with the Sun and Mercury in your income sector until 21st December and Venus from 16th December, this is also likely to be a lucrative month. A total solar eclipse in your income sector on 14th December should help with that. Meanwhile, while Jupiter and Saturn will both be gone from your communication sector the Sun and Mercury, the planet of communication will both return on 21st December, just a day after Jupiter leaves. This will ensure that the communication support continues and with Mars returning to your relationship sector in the New Year, this couldn't be more important.

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