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Monthly Horoscopes – Scorpio

Scorpio Zodiac Sign Constellation

Despite their bad reputation, Scorpios are some of the firmest, closest friends you can find. As a water sign, they are led by intuition and emotion, possessing an innate ability to grasp the very core of things and discover the truth faster than other zodiac signs. They are passionate, assertive, and resourceful, with a great disdain for dishonesty and betrayal.

Scorpios are generally known as manipulative, jealous, and distrusting, and there is a grain of truth in all these accusations. However, when they learn how to face and process their emotions properly, Scorpios can prove to be rather mature and rational.

May 2024
This month, make the following words your motto: 'The way must be tried.' Many far-reaching inventions affected our lives over centuries because people dared to ask questions and explore paths that, on the face of them, led nowhere. Action causes a reaction, and that's also something to bear in mind if you think investing effort in an area will be pointless. You have options you've yet to pursue. Accept a celestial faith boost to see what they offer or can bring you!

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April 2024
This month, self-discovery and transformation go hand in hand. A New Moon Solar Eclipse on the 8th is a cosmic reset button pushing you to focus on your well-being. On the 20th, Jupiter and Uranus focus on relationships, bringing excitement and fresh one-on-one possibilities. Finally, on the 23rd, the Full Moon in your sign urges you to look inward to transform the vibe you emit to others. You might also find the confidence to face or tackle what you've feared facing or tackling!

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