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Monthly Horoscopes – Scorpio

Scorpio Zodiac Sign Constellation

October 2022
Scorpio hosts the powerful Solar Eclipse on the 25th! This rare event affects how you project and convey yourself. With gorgeous Venus involved, how others see you could change significantly - and sweetly. With Venus ruling love and money, a new era could commence with both, too. But Mars moves backward from the 30th until January. So, be aware that money involving others, such as loans, rebates, or inheritances may need more effort than you thought to arrive.

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September 2022
Scorpio's ruled by Pluto. Pluto loves to bring what has been concealed or unsaid into the open, too. Where a friend or alliance is concerned, developments could push you to speak your mind and make clear what you've wanted them to know for some time. But even if you do this to make yourself feel better, don't underestimate the improvement you can bring. Don't be surprised if somebody thanks you for your input, observations or advice and things become sweeter between you from now on, either.

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