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Monthly Horoscopes – Scorpio

Scorpio Zodiac Sign Constellation

September 2021
If you've had lingering self-isolation blues, they could vanish in September. You're given a cosmic nudge to reach out to others and particularly friends you may have lost contact with. A New Moon on the 6th could help inspire you to get one special plan underway with the help of a chum, too. But even if all is hunky-dory on the friendship front, you could end the month feeling optimistic about the potential on offer with a group or collaborative effort of some kind.

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August 2021
Mere mortals on planet Earth are in awe of your stubbornness. Many probably go to great lengths to avoid encouraging or provoking it. However, the universe is less concerned about that. That's why, this month, it might feel as if you have your attention drawn to a matter you'd prefer to avoid. It may have been convenient to do so recently. But your heart's intuition knows what needs bringing into the open and faced. So, turn the volume up on your inner voice - and heed it!

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