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Monthly Horoscopes – Scorpio

Scorpio Zodiac Sign Constellation

August 2022
Will something impressive happen if you reach out to one or two people or widen communication lines generally with others? It's possible! But regardless of distractions that might exist outside the sphere of those closest to you, you have superb opportunities to form or strengthen important and far-reaching bonds. All you need to do is make more of an effort to relate and connect with people your heart urges you to reach out to. Then, see what happens or improves.

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July 2022
Relationships and partnerships, whether love or business-related, shift significantly due to the influence of Mars. From the 5th until August 20, the passion planet intensifies one-to-one connections. But you can choose whether to harness intense energy positively or negatively. You also have a New Moon on the 28th, marking a fresh start or new beginning with your career. What do you want to change or embark upon? This lunar event waits for instruction from you!

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