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Monthly Horoscopes – Scorpio

Scorpio Zodiac Sign Constellation

Despite their bad reputation, Scorpios are some of the firmest, closest friends you can find. As a water sign, they are led by intuition and emotion, possessing an innate ability to grasp the very core of things and discover the truth faster than other zodiac signs. They are passionate, assertive, and resourceful, with a great disdain for dishonesty and betrayal.

Scorpios are generally known as manipulative, jealous, and distrusting, and there is a grain of truth in all these accusations. However, when they learn how to face and process their emotions properly, Scorpios can prove to be rather mature and rational.

February 2023
Thoughts could run deep as you take stock of who you are, what you've achieved and intend to achieve. A Full Moon on the 5th illuminates your career and important aspirations. But Luna also connects with the planet of surprises, Uranus, influencing partnerships. So, you could experience an epiphany during the coming weeks regarding what you should be doing with your life. However, you may need to work harder than you thought to get someone to support your ideas.

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January 2023
The Full Moon on the 6th illuminates learning or studying. It could also connect to people and places far away you wish were closer or more accessible. Nonetheless, the Full Moon could encourage you to succumb to frustration somehow. But resist this, especially if there are mind-broadening options you haven't explored or considered. The New Moon on the 21st could bring a development that makes you smile - especially if you've waited for home or family-related news.

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