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Monthly Horoscopes – Sagittarius

Sagittarius Zodiac Sign Constellation

October 2022
Thought-planet Mercury moves forward from the 2nd. So, clarity arrives if pondering career matters has been confusing recently. But as the month starts with Mercury awakening, it closes with Mars moving backward, affecting relationships and one-to-one connections. These may be romantic, business-related or both. However, until January, you could assess where you stand with someone and whether the effort you invest in a partnership continues, changes or ceases.

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September 2022
September has a strong work and home-related focus. That doesn't mean the coming weeks will be dull or run-of-the-mill. With Venus influencing professional pursuits and reputation from the 5th, recognition could come from a boss or somebody higher up the career ladder. But the Full Moon on the 10th could bring closure to a home or family matter. You may need to balance keeping professional plates spinning and tending to something connected with your abode or a clan member. But the coming weeks promise to bring pleasing and sweet surprises, too.

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