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Monthly Horoscopes – Sagittarius

Sagittarius Zodiac Sign Constellation

With a passion characteristic of fire signs, Sagittarius wanders the world searching for knowledge, meaning, and experiences. There is nothing they won’t try and no opportunity they won’t accept, no matter how outlandish. Thanks to their boundless enthusiasm and fantastic people skills, Sagittariuses naturally draw others to them, just as they are drawn to others.

Unfortunately, Sagittarius’s passion for freedom makes them impatient, unreliable, and unstable. A Sagittarius may make a promise one day but then completely forget about it the next day, focusing instead on something else. In addition, this sign is honest to a fault — so much so that their honesty may occasionally be socially unacceptable.

July 2024
Neptune reverses on the 2nd, affecting your home and family until December. You adore your clan but might resent the responsibilities you shoulder during this time. On the 5th, a New Moon targets deep bonding and sexuality, igniting sparks in your heart - and elsewhere! Until September 4, Mars intensifies relationships, so be prepared to dig deep for patience and sensitivity. A Full Moon on the 21st highlights money and new ways to make and save cash!

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June 2024
On the 2nd, Jupiter teams up with Pluto, so brace yourself—communication with someone is about to get deep! Until July 20, bold Mars nudges you to be more open and vulnerable. If you've been holding back, get ready to spill the beans. Finally, a Full Moon on the 21st urges you to get your finances back on track. It's time to focus on and tackle any debt and invest in yourself—you're the ultimate asset! That will pay off big time as others finally start to see your true worth.

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