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Monthly Horoscopes – Sagittarius

Sagittarius Zodiac Sign Constellation

With a passion characteristic of fire signs, Sagittarius wanders the world searching for knowledge, meaning, and experiences. There is nothing they won’t try and no opportunity they won’t accept, no matter how outlandish. Thanks to their boundless enthusiasm and fantastic people skills, Sagittariuses naturally draw others to them, just as they are drawn to others.

Unfortunately, Sagittarius’s passion for freedom makes them impatient, unreliable, and unstable. A Sagittarius may make a promise one day but then completely forget about it the next day, focusing instead on something else. In addition, this sign is honest to a fault — so much so that their honesty may occasionally be socially unacceptable.

May 2023
What might help you face day-to-day routines more positively? Your ruling planet Jupiter occupying new territory from this month and during the coming year! The planet of luck and optimism takes a keen interest in your work or whatever you do daily. But Jupiter also wants to improve your health, fitness and self-care. Until next May, you embark upon a process that involves taking better care of yourself. Routines you resent might even become inspiring!

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April 2023
If an issue has brewed with a pal, the Full Moon on the 6th could bring it into the open. This lunar event highlights unhealthy dependency and encourages closure if something between you and a chum is imbalanced. But fantastic developments await with love, leisure and pleasure. Delightful news connected with a child or children is possible on or around the 11th. If you've waited for the right time to launch a creative project or pursuit, the Solar Eclipse on the 20th could be ideal!

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