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Monthly Horoscopes – Pisces

Pisces Zodiac Sign Constellation

In the case of Pisces, the last is certainly not the least. The twelfth and final zodiac sign is the most compassionate, selfless, and intuitive of them all. As a water sign guided by emotions, Pisces is expressive, artistic, and gentle, showing unparalleled emotional intelligence and tolerance.

However, Pisces may struggle with establishing firm boundaries, which may quickly cause them to become overwhelmed. As a result, they frequently seek refuge in escapism and dreams, sometimes preferring to lose touch with reality.

February 2024
OK, I need to be careful what I say because I risk making an unfair, sweeping statement about Pisceans. However, in my experience, Pisces folk will sometimes ask ten people for input or advice, receive similar, helpful responses and then merrily go and do the opposite of what was advised. This month, your heart knows what you must do in a particular area. But if you seek second opinions and these support your heart's message, there's your crystal-clear answer!

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January 2024
There's a strong theme of forming and strengthening key friendships this month. But until September, you can also expect to become deeply reflective. You and your subconscious mind and dreams will explore your past, what you conceal, and you'll discover new ways to discern between emotions and intuition. You probably learned to trust your intuition and dreams long ago. However, both will offer stronger, more significant messages from this month.

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