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Monthly Horoscopes – Pisces

Pisces Zodiac Sign Constellation

In the case of Pisces, the last is certainly not the least. The twelfth and final zodiac sign is the most compassionate, selfless, and intuitive of them all. As a water sign guided by emotions, Pisces is expressive, artistic, and gentle, showing unparalleled emotional intelligence and tolerance.

However, Pisces may struggle with establishing firm boundaries, which may quickly cause them to become overwhelmed. As a result, they frequently seek refuge in escapism and dreams, sometimes preferring to lose touch with reality.

February 2023
The Full Moon on the 5th targets work, routines and health, heralding a new chapter in one or more of those areas. Full Moons bring endings and beginnings, making February an ideal month to embark upon a health and fitness regime. But you may also deal with a change on the work front that has been brewing for months. The fact that the Full Moon links with Uranus suggests this change may be unplanned. But that doesn't mean it's not positive in more than one way.

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January 2023
Since October, the planet of raw, crude energy itself, Mars, has moved backward, affecting your emotional foundations, home and family. If something suddenly became tense with a family member or confrontation found its way into a home-related plan, that's probably why. But, this month, mighty Mars moves forward. So, although the potential for tension or aggression remains high, Mars' energy can be harnessed to clear the air or bring closure - helpfully and positively.

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