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Monthly Horoscopes – Pisces

Pisces Zodiac Sign Constellation

In the case of Pisces, the last is certainly not the least. The twelfth and final zodiac sign is the most compassionate, selfless, and intuitive of them all. As a water sign guided by emotions, Pisces is expressive, artistic, and gentle, showing unparalleled emotional intelligence and tolerance.

However, Pisces may struggle with establishing firm boundaries, which may quickly cause them to become overwhelmed. As a result, they frequently seek refuge in escapism and dreams, sometimes preferring to lose touch with reality.

July 2024
Neptune backtracks in your sign from the 2nd, giving you five months to revive an old talent or rediscover a forgotten part of yourself. On the 5th, a New Moon sparks creativity and romance—don't overthink it, just ride the emotional waves. Until September, Mars fuels home makeover dreams, giving you the energy to rearrange or relocate. A Full Moon on the 21st is perfect for launching a group project. If it's time to part ways, start assembling your next dream team!

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June 2024
On the 2nd, Jupiter throws a party at your place, while transformative Pluto stirs some changes. A makeover in your home or family life will kickstart a new chapter of release or freedom. Until July, Mars pushes you to indulge in serious fun and pleasure. Get ready for a blast with your squad, but watch out for going overboard in the pursuit of a good time. Finally, a Full Moon on the 21st shines a spotlight on your social scene. Your popularity could soar - and you'll love the attention!

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