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Monthly Horoscopes – Libra

Libra Zodiac Sign Constellation

August 2022
I've never met a genie in a magic lantern. But I suspect if there's one thing they can't stand, it's a smart aleck who, when asked to come up with three wishes, asks for 1000 more! This month, the universe needs you to narrow down what you genuinely desire or yearn to experience. Focus on and invest faith in what truly lights a passionate fire within you. The more you separate dreams from wishes, the easier it will be to take a crucial first step to bring a cherished vision to fruition.

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July 2022
You receive a push in more than one way this month. But with make-it-happen-now Mars affecting what you own, owe and share, finances, debts, or investments receive new passionate focus and effort. You may need to give attention to a home or family-related matter on the 13th, too. A Full Moon could bring intensity and drama to your emotional foundations, abode or something connected with your clan. Your brand of peacekeeping might be needed.

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