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Monthly Horoscopes – Libra

Libra Zodiac Sign Constellation

Libras are represented by a pair of scales, and nothing could describe them better. This air sign constantly seeks harmony, balance, and symmetry and places the highest value on justice and equality. Thanks to that, Libras are diplomatic, gracious, and cooperative, prioritizing the needs of others whenever possible. As a result, their social skills are unparalleled in the zodiac.

However, Libra’s quest for balance causes them to avoid conflict at all costs, even when it’s necessary for healing. Instead, Libras will do everything they can to compromise, which frequently results in grudges and self-pity on their part.

May 2024
If a mystery is unambiguous, is it less intriguing or exciting? Imagine back in the days when people tuned in without fail to listen to and watch classic, old-time detective broadcasts. If they were told what happened and how the mystery got solved, that would hardly be fun, would it? This month, welcoming what's uncertain or underpinned with suspense is important. May is all about asking questions, digging and probing. But your diligent detective skills promise to pay off!

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April 2024
April invites you to embrace new beginnings, Libra! A New Moon Solar Eclipse on the 8th ignites partnerships, taking relationships to new levels or heights. On the 20th, Jupiter and Uranus shake up your financial landscape, so expect changes to what you own, owe or share. The Full Moon on the 23rd illuminates your values, guiding you towards prosperity. A large purchase could be looming, but because it's necessary, you're unlikely to experience buyer's regret!

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