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Monthly Horoscopes – Libra

Libra Zodiac Sign Constellation

Libras are represented by a pair of scales, and nothing could describe them better. This air sign constantly seeks harmony, balance, and symmetry and places the highest value on justice and equality. Thanks to that, Libras are diplomatic, gracious, and cooperative, prioritizing the needs of others whenever possible. As a result, their social skills are unparalleled in the zodiac.

However, Libra’s quest for balance causes them to avoid conflict at all costs, even when it’s necessary for healing. Instead, Libras will do everything they can to compromise, which frequently results in grudges and self-pity on their part.

February 2023
Frenemy – someone we're friendly with despite a fundamental dislike or rivalry. That bizarre word could also apply to a friendship this month. A Full Moon on the 5th will heighten emotions. However, an out-of-the-blue development involving a pal or bestie could add to tension. But even if drama unfolds with a chum, Venus influences partnerships from the 20th. So, a romantic or business-related connection is about to become sweeter, more formal or move up a notch!

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January 2023
Experiencing a career-related 'what the heck' moment is bound to feel unsettling. This might involve a development you didn't anticipate or curveball thrown by a boss. But give the Full Moon on the 6th a chance to subside - and resist reacting emotionally to whatever occurs. A new chapter commences, and you'll see this in a positive light soon. If anything on the home or family front has been stressful recently, your domestic world should be more plain sailing from the 18th!

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