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Libra Zodiac Sign Constellation

April 2021
This is the hump month of any year for you and moving into April it can feel like the going is getting tough. However, as is the case with any hump, once you are on the other side life becomes a bit more free sailing again. This is a hump month because the Sun is now on the opposite side of the sky and you have reached the halfway point in your current solar year. It was a Full Moon in the closing days of March that may have been the biggest test and you might already be over that hump. At some point from the Sun's return to Aries on 20th March to his departure on 20th April, he will oppose the Sun of every Libran on the planet and depending on when you were born, you will feel this. Yet rather than a challenge, this is an awakening, with a chance to push the 'reset' button. To have the Sun in Aries puts him in your relationship sector so it can feel that some relationships are more hard work. However, not only is Mercury, the planet of communication here from 4th April to 19th April but Venus, the planet of love until 15th April. At the same time, this is being more than balanced by the fact that you have Mars in an adventurous part of your chart until 23rd April while Saturn and Jupiter are spending the first full month on their own in a fun, playful, romantic and creatively charged part of your chart since they returned in December. It is in the latter part of the month that there are new developments on the financial and professional fronts. It begins with Venus' return to your financial sector on 15th April, followed by Mercury's return on 19th April, the Sun's on 20th April and then Mars' return to your career sector on 23rd April. This is two months before the Sun is due to return but with Venus and Mercury both returning before he leaves in June, this is the start of a three month surge on the career front.

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March 2021
When the Sun left a fun, playful, romantic and creatively charged part of your chart and returned to your work sector last month, he followed the steps that he takes at that time every year. This is the point in any year when depending on whether Venus and Mercury are ahead of behind the Sun, life starts to become busier and the playful influences of January and February start to fade. The month begins with the Sun and Venus already in your busy work sector, with Mercury finally leaving a playful part of your chart and joining them on 16th March. This is the point in most years when all planetary activity in a playful part of your chart end and the business part of the year begins. However, that is not the case this year and while the Sun, Venus and Mercury are bringing new opportunities and potential on the job front, there is no danger of life becoming all work and no play. As if having Saturn and Jupiter stay on in a fun, playful, romantic and creatively charged part of your chart wasn't enough on 4th March, Mars will wrap up an eight week visit to your financial sector and begin his first visit to your sector of adventure, travel, learning and discovery in nearly two years. A friendly aspect to Saturn this month and to Jupiter next month will allow playful and adventurous forces to become increasingly intertwined. However, while this is more than manageable now, over the coming months there will be a rise in potential across the job and career fronts and that makes it important to work on having the right balance, while it is being supported. Meanwhile, the Sun will leave your career sector on 20th March and return to your sector of friendship, teamwork and networking, something that happens at this time every year. He will be joined by Venus on 22nd February. Mercury and Neptune will stay on to keep the professional wheels turning but this is just a stepping stone to bigger developments over the coming months.

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