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Monthly Horoscopes – Leo

Leo Zodiac Sign Constellation

October 2022
Domestic and financial security are the themes this month. If you've thought about ways to improve your earnings recently, Mercury's forward motion on the 2nd brings an end to thinking. Jupiter influencing money separate to your earnings from the 28th until December could boost your optimism - or have you punching the air with delight. But a Solar Eclipse affecting your home, family and security on the 25th brings a significant change to your abode, clan or both!

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September 2022
The words 'standards' and 'expectations' feature prominently this month. On the one hand, you could be aware of both others or someone in particular set for you. You might feel monitored or micromanaged, too. Then, there are standards and expectations you set for yourself. But an issue might not surround criticism coming from elsewhere but you being your harshest critic. A lesson regarding applying more self-love and self-belief could be on offer. Do embrace it.

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