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Monthly Horoscopes – Leo

Leo Zodiac Sign Constellation

May 2022
Faraway places, people and mind-broadening experiences feature more prominently in your world until October. But backward-moving Mercury stirs your social life, involvement with groups, friendships or one in particular. Confusion and misunderstandings are likely, and a past pal could be in touch or re-emerge. On the 16th, a Lunar Eclipse rocks your emotional foundations, home or family. Trust that what comes to light or transforms does so for a timely and necessary reason.

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April 2022
Can money buy happiness? That age-old question might sound cliched but could be one you ponder this month. You appear likely to feel a stronger sense of financial abundance, security, and stability. So, a finance-related development could tick the happiness box. But the confidence boost this brings could spill into other areas, too. Perhaps, you'll see the New Moon Solar Eclipse on the 30th transforming your career in a deservedly positive and inspiring light!

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