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Monthly Horoscopes – Leo

Leo Zodiac Sign Constellation

Lions are the kings of the jungle, and Leo is the king of the zodiac — or at least, that’s how they feel. Creative, passionate, and dramatic, this fire sign has the charm and the skills of a natural-born leader. People born under this sign are incredibly persuasive, generous, and humorous, possessing the ability to turn even the simplest gathering into a fun party.

But while their flair for the dramatics can be fun, it can also be quite exhausting. Leo loves being the center of attention, as well as talking at length about themselves. They can also be arrogant and stubborn, having a hard time admitting they are wrong. And, much like the king of the jungle, Leo is one of the lazier signs.

May 2023
If you're typical of your sign, you likely adhere often to a motto: "if something is to be done properly, it must be done by me.” You probably have an impressive track record confirming this, too. But this month, be receptive to help or support on offer. You might not be able to pinpoint how both arrive. However, you're likely to find what has been frustrating or problematic of late becomes noticeably easier. Trust and embrace what unfolds, don't be suspicious of it!

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April 2023
Friendships and the social scene take on a harmonious vibe during April. You could get out more, and putting an old troubling matter to rest with a pal could be remarkably easy. But the main focus during the coming weeks is on learning and mind-broadening. Luck seems to be on your side where anything related to studying or travel is concerned. Simply being in the right place at the right time to meet the right person could be enough to get an adventure underway!

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