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Monthly Horoscopes – Gemini

Gemini Zodiac Sign Constellation

October 2022
If you've grown tired of tension surrounding a friend or someone in your social circle, the Full Moon on the 9th could bring closure. But with a Solar Eclipse on the 25th targeting routines and self-improvement, friend-related focus could shift to the fresh start on offer with work and health matters. Finally, Mars in your sign moves backward from the 30th until January. Passion in a particular area could reduce or vanish. But Mars taking it easy encourages you to do the same!

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September 2022
September offers a chance to reassess ambitions and expectations. What you need to guard against is seeing the proverbial glass as half empty. OK, maybe some professional or aspirational plans haven't panned out precisely as you thought or hoped they would. But don't underestimate the helpfulness attached to taking stock of what you want, want to achieve and where you're going. A new 'calling' or sense of purpose could reveal itself.

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