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Monthly Horoscopes – Gemini

Gemini Zodiac Sign Constellation

Just as you would expect of an air sign, Gemini is light, playful, adaptable, and open-minded. Their curious and spontaneous nature makes them fun to be around, as they’re constantly on the move, seeking new adventures. Gemini is excitable and versatile, always starting projects, learning skills, and exploring the world. In a way, their desire for new experiences is so big that one lifetime may not be enough to fulfill it.

Though they are excellent partners and friends for the most part, Gemini can also be restless, inconsistent, and indecisive. At times, it may feel as if two completely different people are inhabiting their body — one fun, energetic, quick-witted, the other serious, nervous, and unreliable. But as long as Gemini receive enough understanding, patience, and stimulation, they are sure to show only their good side.

September 2023
Some people believe that to show concern, you must pace a floor with a worried expression, wringing your hands or chewing your nails. Heaven forbid they should be seen to adopt a calm, methodical approach to what appears urgent or in need of an immediate solution! This month, that approach is best for you despite pressure you might feel to act otherwise. Once you have all the essential information about a situation, you'll know precisely what step to take.

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August 2023
There will likely be occasions when you assess circumstances in your world and focus on what doesn't meet your expectations. So, there may be times when you see the proverbial glass as half empty when it should be seen as half full. But see how adopting an attitude of gratitude reveals what is balanced, inspiring and comforting. Allow the coming weeks to confirm why optimism should replace pessimism, how supported you are - and what you can look forward to.

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