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Monthly Horoscopes – Gemini

Gemini Zodiac Sign Constellation

Just as you would expect of an air sign, Gemini is light, playful, adaptable, and open-minded. Their curious and spontaneous nature makes them fun to be around, as they’re constantly on the move, seeking new adventures. Gemini is excitable and versatile, always starting projects, learning skills, and exploring the world. In a way, their desire for new experiences is so big that one lifetime may not be enough to fulfill it.

Though they are excellent partners and friends for the most part, Gemini can also be restless, inconsistent, and indecisive. At times, it may feel as if two completely different people are inhabiting their body — one fun, energetic, quick-witted, the other serious, nervous, and unreliable. But as long as Gemini receive enough understanding, patience, and stimulation, they are sure to show only their good side.

May 2023
Fear can be a powerful motivator but is equally potent with stopping us from taking action we know we must take. Recently, your life may have felt like the film “Groundhog Day” as you revisited past unpleasant experiences that have remained stuck, probably due to fear on your part. This month, a frustrating situation moves forward. You're helped to dig deep for strength that reveals how unfounded certain fears were. Prepare to gain control where you've wanted it.

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April 2023
This month, you have love and comfort planet Venus gracing your sign! So, you're singled out to enjoy life's finer things and embrace more leisure and pleasure in your world. Venus will work magic by boosting your allure in others' eyes and your confidence, too. But April is also about taking stock of friendships and what you can achieve with a little help from your pals. New acquaintances await if you make yourself available and approachable!

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