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Monthly Horoscopes – Gemini

Gemini Zodiac Sign Constellation

Just as you would expect of an air sign, Gemini is light, playful, adaptable, and open-minded. Their curious and spontaneous nature makes them fun to be around, as they’re constantly on the move, seeking new adventures. Gemini is excitable and versatile, always starting projects, learning skills, and exploring the world. In a way, their desire for new experiences is so big that one lifetime may not be enough to fulfill it.

Though they are excellent partners and friends for the most part, Gemini can also be restless, inconsistent, and indecisive. At times, it may feel as if two completely different people are inhabiting their body — one fun, energetic, quick-witted, the other serious, nervous, and unreliable. But as long as Gemini receive enough understanding, patience, and stimulation, they are sure to show only their good side.

February 2023
A Full moon on the 5th brings a new chapter regarding how you think and convey yourself. However, Luna also connects with the planet of surprises, Uranus. So, concealed information could emerge. Someone might say something thoughtlessly that they should have kept quiet about. (Make sure that person isn't you!) But any annoyances attached to this could vanish from mid-month onward. Career-related progress not only escalates, it could go off the scale!

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January 2023
A feeling of wading through waist-high treacle since the end of October starts to wane this month! Mars moving backward in your sign could have made the smallest task feel overwhelming. But this month, Mars moves forward, reviving your energy, motivation - and libido! Also, if you have serious financial stocktaking to do, don't worry. The Full Moon on the 6th illuminates what must change, improve or end with your income. But you'll like the new chapter commencing.

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