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Monthly Horoscopes – Capricorn

Capricorn Zodiac Sign Constellation

Capricorn is another earth sign with a high degree of responsibility, discipline, and self-control. People born under this sign know exactly what they want and how to get it, and they let absolutely nothing stand in their way. Thanks to that, they are fantastic organizers and managers with realistic and solid plans that leave no room for arguing.

But when things don’t go according to plan, Capricorns can show a rather cold, unforgiving side. They are stubborn and often rigid, not letting anyone or anything shake up their resolve. That can be a positive thing, of course, but it also shows their lack of flexibility and a know-it-all attitude that can lead to mistakes.

February 2023
On the 5th, a Full Moon illuminates money disconnected from what you earn, such as investments, rebates and inheritances. However, the Moon links with Uranus, so an unexpected financial development may need you to turn on a dime to resolve it. But if one source of cash ends, you can trust the door opens for another to arrive. The New Moon on the 20th could reinforce this, too. Could your unique Capricornian creativity lead to a healthier bank account?

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January 2023
A Full Moon on the 6th illuminates partnerships. So, a new chapter commences regarding your involvement with or commitment to somebody, whether romantic or business-related. However, communicative progress could be tricky as Mercury moves backward in your sign until the 18th. Also, you have New Moon energy on the 21st to change something on the work front or implement a healthy regime. Everyone talks about doing both at this time of year. You really can make both happen!

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