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Monthly Horoscopes – Aries

Aries Zodiac Sign Constellation

May 2022
Prepare for an exceptional month! You have a tremendous wave of comfortable, optimistic and make-things-happen energy courtesy of Venus, Jupiter and Mars. All three occupy Aries at various times. Jupiter's presence is a dress rehearsal for what you can expect when it spends a year in your sign from December, too. But to have the planets of love, money, luck, adventures and passionate energy working on your behalf, May promises to be memorable and pivotal!

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April 2022
April looks set to be a 'mental' month, given how frequently and accurately you'll be guided by your mind's creations. You start April as you mean to go on with a New Moon in your sign on the 1st connecting with mindful Mercury. If a vision or plan has appeared hazy, a wave of clarity could arrive. But your dreams and subconscious receive powerful cosmic attention, too. Even if you don't believe you're psychic, you could think differently by the end of the month!

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