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Monthly Horoscopes – Aquarius

Aquarius Zodiac Sign Constellation

The final air sign of the zodiac, Aquarius, is independent, eccentric, and progressive, with a deep love for freedom and originality. These deep thinkers are on a quest to change the world for the better, fighting for their idealistic causes and constantly working to free themselves of prejudice. Above all, Aquarius is easily adaptable and spontaneous, never willing to accept the limits society places on them.

Despite their general adaptability, Aquarius isn’t as good at communication as other air signs. In fact, people born under this sign require plenty of alone time to regain strength; they can be aloof and struggle with emotional expression. As a result, they may also have difficulty finding where they truly belong.

February 2023
Since 2020, Saturn in your sign has encouraged you to see situations realistically and pragmatically. Yes, having the ringed planet in your sign is no picnic, and coming developments may also need to be seen calmly and sensibly. You'll reduce stress levels by accepting what is and isn't within your ability to change or control. But seizing opportunities to boost your income around the New Moon on the 20th is something you can - and should - take the reins with!

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January 2023
If something connected with work or daily routines needs improving, the Full Moon on the 6th can help. The only potential snag surrounds emotions running high, so a step you take could be driven more by these than anything grounded or rational. Should tension brew at work or with a coworker, play your part in keeping confrontation at bay! On the 21st, a New Moon in your sign waits for instructions regarding where you want a fresh start or clean slate. It's your call, Aquarius!

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