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Monthly Horoscopes – Aquarius

Aquarius Zodiac Sign Constellation

May 2022
Pressure could intensify regarding your career or professional pursuits. A Full Moon Lunar Eclipse heralds a new era that may feel enforced or as if time isn't on your side in ways you wish it were to make or accept a change. The Eclipse also links to Saturn in your sign. So, you may have to assess seriously and practically what occurs or is offered. But there's something karmic involved with what shifts or transpires, too. Whatever it is, it's meant to be.

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April 2022
April is a month of revelations. The first might surround your income and how an underused talent could increase your earnings. The universe accepts that you may need a bit more faith in an ability to enhance your bank balance. But it's the New Moon Solar Eclipse on the 30th that may need careful handling. Something connected with your home or family looks set to change significantly. But try to see this as necessary space created for something within a new chapter commencing.

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