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You’ll be granted access to all of the knowledge that you need to become the powerful witch that you’ve always known you are. Our courses condense and simplify hundreds of sources into an easily accessible format where you can learn at your own pace.

You won’t feel the confusion, frustration, or overwhelm that comes with learning Wicca on your own.

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You can complete your courses on almost any device! Your phone, tablet, laptop, desktop, and more…


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Now included in your subscription, these easy to use videos show you everything you need to do to cast a spell for a specific purpose.

Spells for prosperity, mental health, different moon phases, and more!

With more coming every month!

Only $19.95 Per Month
Plus a FREE Starter Kit!
(Cancel at any time)

Learning Wicca doesn't have to be difficult or expensive!

Upgrade to a Monthly Plan to unlock all 8 of our premium courses plus a FREE Starter Kit and much more for only $19.95!

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Our Students' Favorite Courses...

Basic Magick and Advanced Spells Video Course Thumbnail

Basic Magick and Advanced Spells

Dive deep into magick, spells, and the art of divination. We will go in-depth with candle magick as well as crystal magick.

Dream Interpretation and Psychic Visions Video Course Thumbnail

Dream Interpretation and Psychic Vision

Discuss dreams and sleep science. You will learn how dreams help you with magick as well as the power of essential oils.

Remember this offer is Risk FREE. You can cancel at any time!
We know you'll love it, so we're even offering a MONEY BACK guarantee if you're not satisfied!

This offer is ONLY available here and will last for a LIMITED TIME. We invite you to join the most rewarding, welcoming, and affordable Wiccan education online.

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