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Rediscover the Magick of Imbolc

A Festival of Renewal and Rebirth

Imbolc is a time to honor the goddess Brigid and the slowly returning light. At Wicca Academy, we’ve crafted a unique collection of handmade items that embody the spirit of this sacred sabbat, perfect for enhancing your personal practice or beautifying your sacred space.

Wicca Academy Brigid Cross

Brigid Crosses – $19 each
Free US Shipping

Each Brigid Cross in our collection is hand-woven with intention and care. Hang these traditional symbols in your home to invite protection, healing, and the blessings of Brigid. These crosses measure 8-10″ across and are sold individually.

Wicca Academy Brigid Doll

Brigid Dolls – $29 each
Free US Shipping

A symbol of growth and prosperity crafted from the finest husks of corn. Our Brigid Dolls, also known as Corn Dollies, are more than just decorations. They are potent symbols of the coming spring, representing new growth and the promise of a bountiful harvest. These Brigid Dolls measure 9-11″

Wicca Academy Harvest Wreath

Brigid Cross Harvest Wreath – Sold Out
A fusion of tradition and abundance. Our meticulously crafted Brigid Cross Harvest Wreath is a unique combination of the traditional Brigid Cross and the richness of the harvest. This beautiful wreath is not only a symbol of Imbolc but also a stunning addition to your home decor. These wreaths measure 15-18″.

Bring the Essence of Imbolc into Your Home
Explore our collection and find the perfect piece to deepen your connection with this special time of year. Each item is infused with the energy of Imbolc, crafted to bring the magick of the season into your life.

You can choose your items on the checkout page. Prices are in USD and subject to exchange rates.


Connect with the Cycle of the Year
Imbolc is a time for honoring the cycles of nature, awakening to new beginnings, and setting intentions for the coming season. Our collection is designed not just to celebrate but to help you align with these ancient rhythms.

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