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Elemental Altar Jars

Connect to the Elements

Enhance Your Magick

Only $29.95

These little jars pack a serious magickal punch. This Elemental Altar Kit is the perfect addition to your altar. Strengthen your practice and elevate your energy.

Don’t have an altar? This is a great way to start. Use these Elemental Jars to section off your magickal space.

These Elemental Jars are truly utilitarian. Place them in the four corners of a room, place them beside each of your bed posts, put them at the four corners of your desk. You’re only limited by your imagination!

Kit includes:
Air Element Jar
Earth Element Jar
Water Element Jar
Fire Element Jar
White Tea Light Candle
Elemental Info Card
Resealable Travel Bag

Only $29.95
Free US Shipping

Grab them before they’re gone!

P.S Supplies are very limited. Don’t wait and miss this opportunity.

We are all connected to the elements – whether it is through the environment and seasons. It is important to honor these elements because they are a part of nature and can be great allies on our path.

Call on the refreshing breeze of air to open your mind for clarity and inspiration; call on mama earth for support, grounding, and abundance; call on water to soothe your soul and embrace your emotions; call on fire to ignite your passions and energy.

It is not just about asking for help though. There must be an exchange of giving and receiving – a relationship must be built. The more you work with the elements, the more you come to know yourself and the people around you.

These are simple jars you can use to begin a relationship with Earth, Air, Fire, and Water. You bring in the Spirit.

Only $29.95
Free US Shipping

The Element Jars contain:

white sand, a feather and, a charged Amethyst crystal

beach sand, a blessed shell, and moss

black salt, Calendula (Marigold), and a charged Carnelian crystal

moss, dried wild mushrooms, and dried wild flowers

Remember this offer is Risk FREE. We know you'll love it, so we're even offering a 60 day MONEY BACK guarantee if you're not satisfied!

This offer is ONLY available here and will last for a LIMITED TIME.

The Elemental Altar Kits are no longer available.

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